Tools You Will Learn

  • 1-Brokenness Tool (to increase ownership)

  • 2-Bullseye Tool (to increase appreciation and open communication)

  • 3-Bounce the Ball Tool (to share power)

  • 4-Head/Heart Tool (for emotional intimacy)

  • 5-Empathy Variable Exercise Tool (for deeper empathy)

  • 6-Truth Table Tool (for developing more accurate interpretations)

  • 7-Marriage Huddle Tool (for better teamwork)

  • 8-Reunite Tool (for conflict resolution and resentments)

  • 9-Wedding Cake Model Tool (for dynamic sexual intimacy)

  • 10-Love Buckets Tool (to stay in love)

Meet Your Psychologist

Dr. Wyatt Fisher

Dr. Wyatt Fisher has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in marriage counseling in Boulder, CO. He's been in private practice since 2004 and has been married since 1999. He's also the host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast, author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, founder of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat, and developer of the Keep the Glow couples app. He's here to support you in your matrimony journey!

Testimonies about Dr. Wyatt

  • "Engaging speaker who includes personal examples to emphasize key points." -P.A.

  • "Expert in the field and information was well organized!" -S.E.

  • "Very clear and succinct content. Really feel like we can apply the tools that we learned today." -M.G.

  • "I really appreciated Dr. Wyatt’s relatability and real life stories. Content was easy to follow." -F.A.

Bonuses You'll Receive

  • Bonus #1

    Access to Dr. Wyatt's monthly Marriage Masterclass.

  • Bonus #2

    Access to a private community with others who are also trying to build a successful relationship.

  • Bonus #3

    Downloadable PDF booklets for the Total Marriage Refresh and Affair Recovery Class.


You'll receive access to Dr. Wyatt's top 3 Marriage Classes with downloadable PDFs, access to the private Matrimony Community, and direct access to Dr. Wyatt once a week through live Q & A. You can receive all this for only $49 per month! In addition, there's no minimum amount of months required and you can cancel at any time. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to start building your relationship today!